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POLARIS Original VIOLIN Solo Score Cristina Kiseleff.pdf PDF 2 Pages Preview
POLARIS Original PIANO Score Cristina Kiseleff.pdf PDF 5 Pages Preview
POLARIS VIOLIN & PIANO Score Cristina Kiseleff.pdf PDF 8 Pages Preview
POLARIS VIOLIN MIDI Cristina Kiseleff.mid MID 1.89KB
POLARIS PIANO MIDI Cristina Kiseleff.mid MID 8.98KB
POLARIS VIOLIN & PIANO MIDI Cristina Kiseleff.mid MID 10.82KB

Sheet Description

Original Violin Song "POLARIS" contains beautifully written sheet music for the following:

1. Original Violin Score (For Violin Solo) - 2 pages
2. Piano Accompaniment (for a duet with a pianist) - 5 pages
3. General Music Score (containing both violin and piano) - 8 pages
Bonus: 1 dedicated MIDI file for each separate sheet. 

Key: D Minor
Metronome: 90bpm
Tempo: Andante Maestoso
Instruments: Violin Solo / Violin & Piano Duet
Arrangement by Cristina Kiseleff as played on original YouTube video.  

Thank you, have fun and happy playing!

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