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MyMusicSheet is the most easy-to-use, technologically impeccable, beautiful music sheet platform in existence.
With MyMusicSheet, you can make, grow, and nurture your very own music sheet page, just like you have your own Youtube channel, Facebook page, and SoundCloud page.
Not only can you expose, share, and sell your music sheets to fans around the world, your copyrights to the music sheets will also be protected and officialized. Best of all, literally ‘everyone’ can be a part of it all.

Why MyMusicSheet is Surpassingly Awesome to Artists?

Open to Everyone

Everyone is an artist at MyMusicSheet. Thus, everyone can upload, share, and sell their music sheets on MyMusicSheet, whether they have just one music sheet or a thousand. Sign in, upload, and sell(or share for free). It’s that simple.

Seamless and Delightful

Artists can upload, share, and sell their music sheets in a way more seamless and delightful than any other. Once you sign up as an artist, your very own MusicSheet Page will be made available, where you can sell your music sheets at any price you want. Of course, you can share them for free, too!

Personal Payment System

Every artist gets access to their own royalty account page, where they can check how their sheets are selling and receive regular monthly payments under a reasonable, artist-friendly royalty system of 75%:25%, with the artists taking the 75%. (If there are costs such external royalty fees, such fees will be deducted before dividing according to the ratio.)

Accessible from All Over the World

MyMusicSheet is global. Artists can expose, share, and sell to fans all over the world. MyMusicSheet currently supports 3 languages(more are to be added!), and with its global payment solution, can reach fans all over the world at ultimate ease.

Most Optimized Technology

MyMusicSheet is a whole new way of communicating, connecting, and sharing with fans and musicians around the world. Music can take many forms. Music in the form of video has Youtube; music in the form of sound file has SoundCloud; and now music in the form of music sheet has MyMusicSheet.

Copyright Retained by Artists

MyMusicSheet has the most optimized technology for sharing and selling music sheets –automatic PDF first-page preview, automatic secret code insertion to prevent illegal redistribution, royalty payment system, to name a few. Artists have but one task at hand – upload!

Protection of Copyright

Copyright to all uploaded music sheets are rightfully, totally retained by the artists.

All This for Free

MyMusicSheet protects and provides official proof of evidence for copyright of all uploaded music sheets. Artists will get and retain official copyright of all music sheets they upload on MyMusicSheet at the moment of upload, as long as they truly created the music sheets themselves. MyMusicSheet works with world-class entertainment law firms in officializing and protecting copyright, as well as taking legal action if a breach in copyright law occurs.

Simple & Beautiful Interface

All parts of the entire process, from signing up, creating Mymusicsheet Page, uploading music sheets, and creating royalty payment account – are completely free.

Three Small Notes to Artists

You can only upload music sheets that you yourself composed or arranged in your distinctive and creative way. Uploading other artists’ music sheets is strictly prohibited

Sorry for the issue but covers are temporarily blocked. Please upload only original songs for now.

Mymusicsheet deals with complicated copyright issues that might arise in such process through contractual agreements with copyright associations around the world. However, there are some exceptions – music sheets that may not be covered by such contractual agreements – and such music sheets can be removed from sale without notice

You can check your royalty payments whenever you want to on your royalty payment account. The payment transfer is made within the first week of each month, but if the aggregate payment is less than 20 US dollars, the amount will be withheld from transfer, and will accumulate until the total amount reaches an amount same or bigger than 20 US dollars, when the total amount will be transferred altogether. For countries that do not use the US dollar as their main currency, the payment will be subject to currency rate at the time of transfer.


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