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Good morning :)

This is JayM who came to the 2nd album of digital single album

Winter, spring,

The words that make you

I have two songs like this :)

The album 'JayM' is made up of two songs, "Winter and Spring" and "Horses" that give listeners a comfortable feeling of water flow and power for those who need to rest in tired daily life. If you listened to the two songs of different meaning for the beloved person and thought about its meaning well, you will be able to get more deeply into the piano melody.

- Introducing the album

' Winter and spring '

It is a song composed by a person who thinks that a loved one should endure a cold winter day and become a person who can present spring to him.

If you listen to the meaning of the song, it will sound more beautiful.

I will distribute free of charge in March for the month of thanks :)

** If you have already purchased it, I will give you a high quality sound source as a gift :)

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The score has been modified :)

There are a lot of awkward parts in the meantime, so I revised the performance to be the same as the sound source :)

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