The Night Before - JayM (디지털 싱글 3집)


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Good morning! Everyone!!!

It is JayM who came to the digital single 3 house after a long absence :)

I have added some instruments such as drums and pads as well as a piano in a very special way.


The Night Before,

The Night Before (piano ver.)

Two songs are recorded in this way :)

The theme of this album is

It's "cheering."

For 3 high school students who have not enough SAT

I made my heart to cheer.

The Night Before tells me the word " eve " in Korean.

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I am grateful to use the title to make it fit well with the song :)

The night before Election Day ... The night before the important decision was made ... !!

I tried to express my moments of trepidation and nervousness in a magnificent melody.

The last part

Do not give up, do not get frustrated with the outcome of important work

In the sense of creating your own story

I gave it to you and it was awesome :)

There are seven pieces of music, octave and jump.

It's a song that might take some time to finish :)

If you play your right hand small, and your main melody, your left hand, plays well

You'll hear a really nice melody :)

Then everyone is fooling !!!

I'm going to prepare the next album ...!

* I'll be ready for the full version of the performance.

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