Pin-Up Girl - NadanMusic / 'Modern Dance Music Vol.3' 4th track piano sheet


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Modern Dance Music Vol.3 by NadanMusic

Pin-Up Girl

Composer : NadanMusic

Arrangement : NadanMusic

Record by NadanMusic

MBC weekly idol and 2016 SBS Gayo Daejeon, etc.

I think there are some people who know the modern dancing music of BTS JiMin.

You can play without difficulty by repeating themes that are easy to play. :)

With Luda Lee ,Twice (Mina, Momo) ,Vixx(N) ,Lovelyz(Yein) ,Cosmic Girls(Seongso)

- Album Information -

Released third album of modern dance music by NadanMusic.

It consists of a musical concept suitable for a group stage from the first song with intense percussion to the final track with a lyrical melody. Begin Again, which introduces a new beginning with an urgency in the genre described by the epic hybrid orchestra (Epic Hybrid Orchestra).
No Way Out, a producer of Ch.Dream (Channel Dream) and another voice from Nadan, who also acts as a vocalist. Cry Out is expressed by the weeping woman crying and screaming.

It is the melody of the new age piano music which is listened to, but it is finished with the sadness somewhere, and it is finishing the tension that it did not delay until the pin-up girl  expressing loneliness and loneliness after the laugh after being packed like a doll gorgeously. We look forward to the stage to be decorated with more magnificent music and full-fledged performance.

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